Entry #13

Project: Infiltrate FINISHED

2011-07-29 20:23:27 by CaKeS1

Well I FINALLY completed Project: Infiltrate, after many leavings and comings. And I'm pretty happy with the outcome! It's doing pretty well right now, go check it out if you have time (it's only 2 minutes long):


And as I did on my DeviantArt, I'll now post a list of released/current/and future projects (with links to the released to DeviantArt):

Recently Completed Projects
-Funky Style [Animation:Action] =http://cakes1.deviantart.com/#/d41o2h z
-Project: Infiltrate [Animation:Action] =http://cakes1.deviantart.com/#/d41ukj x
-You Cannot Imagine [Poem:General] =http://cakes1.deviantart.com/#/d41u1q 2

-------Projects In Progress-------
-Tholes Random Fight One [Animation:Action]

--------Projects In Storage-------
-Isolated Incidents [Animation: Mystery/Drama]
-Vengeance [Animation: Drama/Action]
-Don't Wake Up [Animation: Horror/Suspense]
-Signal Series Ch.3 [Animation: Drama/Action/Suspense]

<>Recently Completed Projects - Projects that were recently completed and published
<>Projects In Progress - Projects that are being worked on right now
<>Projects In Storage - Projects that need more thought and structure put in, or thought out but not started


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2011-08-06 14:29:34

I loved your animation, it was soooo fluid, and I added it to my faves, I just don't know what to write in my review.

CaKeS1 responds:

Haha thanks so much! It really means a lot :D


2011-08-11 21:29:20

you should make a game